Herrin High School Athletics

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We're all at your back Herrin High,

We're Orange and Black Herrin High,

We'll back you to stand against 

      The best in the land,

For we know you have sand Herrin High

      Rah! Rah! 

Go smack that blockade Herrin High

Go crashing ahead Herrin High. 

Our team is our fame protector, 

On boys, for we expect a victory. 

From you Herrin High. 

Chee he, Chee he, Chee ha ha ha

Herrin High, Herrin High, Herrin High. Rah! Rah!

Fling out that dear old flag 

      Of Orange and Black. 

Lean on your sons and daughters 

       Fighting for you. 

Like men of old on giants, 

       Placing reliance, shouting defiance. 

Oskey Wow Wow!

Amid the broad green plains

That nourished our land,

For honest labor and for learning 

        We stand

And unto thee, we pledge

Our hearts and hands, 

       Dear Alma Mater, Herrin High. 

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